Being overweight is not only associated with looking out of shape and proportion, it is also considered unhealthy as there are some risks involved.

To most people in today’s generation, losing weight, even a few pounds within a season seems a great achievement, considering how most of them find the task difficult.

As we approach summer we like to go on vacations and spend more time in the outdoors. This is a good time to revisit that weight loss plan that you have been thinking about all winter. The weather is warmer and the sun helps to motivate loosing those few extra kilograms.


Here are some ideas for you:

1. Don’t Just Stay In At home, the Gym, Go Swimming!

Swimming is a great exercise that will get all your body muscles and coordination stimulated.

This means that apart from burning calories, swimming actually promote blood circulation and body metabolism more than other forms of exercise.

This summer, work out a swimming schedule. If you don’t know how learning to swim might be just what you need instead of spending all your free time on TV, computer desk or even the gym.

Find a good swimming coach and let them know you are on a weight loss mission and you be good to go.


2. Summer Diets For Weight Loss

What you take in; in form of calories affects how much weight you do or don’t put on.

There are so many delicious fruit and vegetables available during summer so insist on smoothies, fruits, lean protein, and greens when eating out or cooking at home.

You can also look up weight loss solutions for summer from trusted sites over the internet to get DYI smoothie recipes and diet tips for burning fat.

There are also a number of natural slimming products, Shakes and Supplements available fro health food stores and Chemists, which are designed to promote weight loss.

If cutting down on those extra pounds is one of your objectives for the summer, these can be helpful. They exist in the form of pills, supplements, powders and weight loss shakes.

The real challenge with these however is that you might not be able to tell a genuine product from ones that are not. It is always best to talk to your nutritionist or doctor to work out the best weight loss approach for you.

There are many things that one can do to increase their breast size naturally. Diet, exercise and other products are some of the ways you can accomplish this. Let’s dive into these areas now.



There are many foods out there that can increase your levels of estrogen. Estrogen can increase the size of your breasts by making them more firm. Here are some examples of foods that are considered good for increasing your breast size:

• Nuts
• Drinks
• Poultry
• Natural Herbs
• Healthy and balanced fats
• Fruits, vegetables, legumes and entire grains
• Green vegetables and leaves as a natural breast enhancements foods


Exercise is another way that you can help “boost” your chest size. Typical exercises involve your arms and chest. Here are a list of exercise you can try to firm up your chest area:

• Wall Press
• Palm Pressing
• Elbow Extension Exercises
• Dumbbell Chest Press
• Adapted Push-ups
• Arm Circles


There are many products out there that claim to “increase your breast size.” But only one product that actually works. Naturaful is a cream that you put on your breasts to increase their size. It is made from natural ingredients and has been shown to deliver results in as little as 3 months. Naturaful is a safe way to increase your breast size.

Not only does the product assist women who are looking to increase their breast size, but it also is for women who have breast fed or have simply aged a little and need some firmness added to their breasts.

The product is derived from a blend of herbs and exotic plants. The products when combined help stimulate new cells to grow in the mammary gland. The result is fuller and firmer breasts. This can help you gain a lot of confidence.

Naturaful is not a pill so nothing is ingested. It is a cream that you apply both morning and night. Breast augmentation surgery is painful and can leave you in recovery mode for several months. With Naturaful, you just apply and go. So, no waiting for your scars to heal or taking pain medication to deal with the discomfort like you would with surgery.

Click here to find out more information about Naturaful.


With cold and flu season just around the corner, you need do to do what you can to ward off the common cold and avoid that one or two weeks of feeling miserable that you have gotten used to in years past. It all starts with boosting your immune system in order to ensure it can properly fight off illnesses, from the common cold, to the flu, or whatever is floating around out there. You don't want to have to miss a week of work or spend your weekend in bed because of illness. With the right immune system booster, not only will you have the necessary power to fight off the sick season blues, it will also help you feel better, feel energized, and feel great the entire winter season.

Immune system concept as an open white blood cell with a boxing glove emerging as a health care metaphor for fighting disease and infection through the natural defense of the human body.

With Pectasol-C, you have the premier immune system booster that your body needs. Not only is it packed with vitamin C, it is also packed with the antioxidants to help fight off immune system killing bugs. Pectasol-C is also going to help you increase your vitamin C intake, which is something many of us are deficient in. Not only will Pectasol-C give you added energy and the spark your body needs to rid itself of the harsh bacteria which are floating around in your blood stream, it is also going to help you get the essential vitamins and minerals that your body is lacking and needs to thrive.

In addition to taking the immune system booster, Pectasol-C, what else should you do to help keep the infections away this year?

For starters, it is important that you increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is known to help reduce the potential of viruses affecting and attacking your system and it is essential for your system to thrive.

You also want to eat a well balanced diet which is high in nutrients, minerals, and has the right vitamin mix, so that your body has everything it needs to fight off illness. Feeding your body a healthy diet makes it stronger and more able to ward off illness on its own.

Exercise is also a great way for you to sweat out harmful toxins. Your system builds up free radicals over time; when you exercise, not only will you rid the system of these free radicals, but will also sweat out harmful toxins which are likely to lead to infection and will cause you to get sick far easier than you otherwise would. Simply doing 30 to 45 minutes a day is more than enough for more people. A brisk walk or hike everyday is all it takes, it can be a great fall time family activity too!

Having a strong immune system is vital to staying healthy. Getting the right vitamins and minerals is essential for your body to fight off illness and keeping yourself active will go a long way to avoiding colds and flu this season. If you still need a little help, then consider including an immune system booster like Pectasol-C.

Enjoy the changing season and stay healthy and active!


Music has been around since the dawn of time and evokes different emotions in different people, so much so that its used in movies, adverts and documentaries as a way to emphasise a point or elicit an emotion.

The main use of music however is for personal enjoyment. There are numerous genres within which there are different categories that go into making each genre.

Lets have a quick look at the Children’s music genre. Here we have lullaby’s such as hush little baby. This categories purpose is to calm and relax children at sleep time. Another category within the children’s music genre are sing along songs like the wheels on the bus, which allows them to participate in making music.

There is also a correlation between music and places.


You can’t think of this city, found in the northern part of the UK, without thinking of The Beatles, but they are not the only ones that emerge from there. In the 1960s Liverpool was known for the Merseyside style of popular music, made popular by bands like Gerry and the Pacemakers and Frankie goes to Hollywood.

One thing, amongst many, The Beatles did do though was make the Cavern Club popular.

Known for its theatre district called the west end. London has a vibrant music scene and has been the starting ground of many musicians such as David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, Queen, Coldplay and Blur.

It is also considered to be the birth place of dance music and has a thriving underground music scene for genres such as Drum and base, dubstep, UK garage and grime to name a few.


The city of love, the Eiffel Tower and the home of the Mona Lisa, Paris is also as the place where American artists have found fame. One such artist is Josephine Baker who was an American expat in France and was known for her vibrant and energetic dancing and singing.

She was obviously very fit as she wore huge plumes on her head as part of her costume, I wonder if she took any supplements to help with her fitness levels such as the one reviewed here.

Musically, Paris is still known for Jazz and still attracts Jazz musicians today from all over the world.


The home to Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle is the birthplace and home of grunge. Grunge stated in the mid 80’s with a band called Green River and was made mainstream by Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

A few examples of people who are from other continents who have successfully broken into the US or European markets are: Kylie Minogue – pop music, AC/DC - hard rock, ABBA – pop music, Youssou N’Dour – Mbalax a fusion of Western music and the drumming and dance music of Senegal, Keith Urban – Country music. There are plenty more and these are just a few that spring to mind.

In the past there was a clear divide between the different genres of music. More recently with the increased popularity of mash ups (and sampling), the bringing together of two or more songs to make one new one, new genre’s are being formed. Think K.L.F ft. Tammy Wynette and watch a few episodes of Glee to see some amazing mash ups.

Are you dreaming of thick luxurious hair but you don’t know where to start? Well here are 7 tips to help you naturally get the silky thick hair you want.


1. Eat More Avocados

Eating more healthy foods in general will help provide essential nutrients that your hair needs to grow thick and healthy. Foods rich in natural fats, like avocados will help your hair have a thicker shinier base. Avocados are known for their ability to promote a healthy complexion and hair.

2. Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Washing your hair with really hot water open up the pores on your head. This causes more of your hair to fall out while you are showering. It also make your hair frizzy. So if you can’t stand the idea of a cold shower, wash your body with hot water then turn down the heat while washing your hair, then at the very end rinse your hair with VERY cold water to close the pores back up.

3. Change Your Shampoos

If you are using cheap shampoos with lot’s of synthetic ingredients and parabens you need to stop that now! Seriously go into your shower and read the ingredients on you shampoos and throw out anything that has parabens and synthetic fillers. You should be using a shampoo like RegenePure, that has natural ingredients and works with your hair not against it.

4. Be Careful With Heat

I am sure you are sick of hearing it, but try to limit your hair’s exposure to curling iron’s, blowdryers and etc. It drys out your hair and causes it to be brittle and break more. Not good. If you have to use those, make sure you are using a protective spray before you style. Your hair will thank you.

5. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Drink lots and lots of water and tea to help hydrate your body. When your body is hydrated it can flush out toxins. When your hair is healthy and hydrated it is less likely to be brittle and break.

6. Don’t Towel Dry Hair

Roughly drying your hair with a towel causes the ends to split and break more. The rough texture of the towel does not work well with your delicate hair. So make sure you gently pat your hair dry or you wrap it in a towel to dry.

7. Use a Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil is such a good way to hydrate your hair. Simply spread a tiny amount in your palms and rub it together, once you have in on both of you hands gently work it into the tips of your hair. You do not want to get close to your roots. I usually put a coconut mask on my hair right before bed. Then when I wake up in the morning I shower and my hair looks amazing! Just be careful to not use too much, it can make your hair look greasy.

No matter what your hair type these tips will help you get the hair you have always wanted!


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Recently we have been hearing a lot of buzz going around about a supplement that is being used by some of our readers. We have had a number of people writing in and telling us that they have been trying out this supplement with some surprising results.

A number of local business men have proclaimed that it helps them their daily business and a couple of local sport enthusiasts have proclaimed that it gave them an edge over their competitors in their athletic endeavours.

We discovered that these supplements are nootropics so we thought we would do some research and find out more.


When nootropics were first developed in 1972 by the Romanian psychologist and chemist Corneliu E Giurgea indicated that the best nootropics should enhance memory and learning, have low toxicity and very few side effects.

From their inception nootropics have been steadily improving and becoming more widely used within the business and sporting world.


Athletes have found the quick mental reflexes that nootropics provide gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. The added benefit of taking a nootropic over an illegal drug to gain this edge is that it does not harm their body, because they are made up from all natural substances. Athletes have and will continue to look for ways to improve their performance or game and for many a natural alternative is just what they are looking for.


Increasingly men and women working in the business world are taking nootropics to help sharpen their concentration and eliminate the mental cloud that sometimes occurs from working under constant pressure. The regenerative properties of nootropics helps those working in the corporate world to keep their mind sharp when they most need it. With the expectations continuing to increase in the business world finding ways to keep the mind sharp is paramount for many men and women working in this field.

There are many people across the board who could gain from taking nootropics. Think of student studying for an important exam, they would also benefit from the added ability to recall information and improved concentration levels. It is certainly worth checking out what the best brain supplements are by reading the Alpha Brain Review (link supplied in the sources below) so you can decide for yourself if nootropics are something you would like to try.

“Man is not going to wait passively for millions of years before evolution offers him a better brain.” - Corneliu E Giurge